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Kannist Computer Log 08.24.06=
"I am BACK!"

I'm back from Oklacon! Let me tell you all about it...well okay, I was back ages ago. Sue me! ^.^

So I first started by having Atari drive me over to Frontier Airlines. I'm going to use it now whenever I can because Frontier Airlines is such a furry praised airline service for a good reason. It's cheap, punctual, organized, efficient, courteous, and the planes are painted with animals including the MOOSE and FOXIES! :3 I didn't get to ride on any planes with either. Just a deer, a heron, a lynx and jaguar. :D(It's given me an idea for a tf. MUAHAHAHAHA!)

After a two hour wait in the airport for Gyp, we got on our way and stopped by to see some fat guy on the ground groaning, mace in his eyes and just tasered. If I had been there when it happened, I'm not sure if I'd have found it amusing or not(apparently, he deserved it as he was sexually harassing another fur). Because of the incident, consumption of alcohol in public areas during the con was prohibited, and would be punished by immediate banishment from the con. Ah, well. (Speaking of which, I had my first taste of rum and tobacco at the con, something I won't indulge in too much)

Along the way, I got to meet Jeffgoode, Creator of the Jake Long series. I never cared for it, and it's not because of the animator or anything, I just stopped caring for Disney ages ago and especially because of how they treat their animators. Anyway, I got to get a photo of him and I and I even tried out for a variety show(I didn't make it. *cries* But at least he thinks I was a nice guy to contribute to his cause. :3)

Also, another interesting factor happened. I was talking to the head of Furplanet, and he was saying that my comic, mutant 59, was adequate for publishing for their magazines. Some catches were if I wanted to start from Chapter one to above, I'd have to redo the first two to meet my current skills(Even though I could have them publish it starting with chapter 12 and simply have the link posted to it so they can read it themselves.) Another catch is if it doesn't sell enough, I'll be the one buying the copies. ): Bit of a double-edged sword. I'm reckless enough to do it, I can fix the pages for a more proper presentation, but the idea of failure haunts me.

Oh! Made a few new friends and got to make some money along the way too. I designed my first Conbadge for someone and a couple sketches! I got 50 bucks out of it all. YAY! :D *Buys waffle batter*Also tried out a ruben sandwich, had some Furry Dreams, missed out on Predator and Prey...and then when I got to the Airport, I waited 16 hours till my flight was ready, so I set myself up to stay at the Aiport Motel Six Hotel(Even though I've been to one years ago, the sight of deadbolts and security latches all over the door was a bit disconcerting) Well, the rest of it will be covered on my collage.

Keep it Furreh, y'all!

P.S. I updated the Appendix Site more Thoroughly. Have a looksie sometime.

-End of Line

Kannist Computer Log 10.22.08
Subject="Farewell for now!"

So I've improved the look of the website, including the addition of a new wallpaper! Groovy huh? :3 Also reduced some of the cluster of the site so it'd be a lot easier to get around. I've noticed a lot of people have trouble finding the chat window so I added it a little higher. Also have removed the quick chapter URLs, added a new page for referencing, etc. Tell me how it looks on the mutant 59 Blog Window.

Now I'm going away for about a week tomorrow to Oklacon! A week away from this hellhole of a state will rejuvenate my soul enough to work on even more comics. Don't worry though! I've made enough comics to last you guys all weekend long while I'm away, and more comic pages will be done as soon as I get back

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Keep reading, keep it furry, and I'll see you all in about a week! ^_^

--End of Line

Kannist Computer Log 09.02.08
Subject="Create a Mutant Contest"

That's right, Boys and Girls! After many years of planning, I've decided to create a contest related to Mutant 59, my webcomic that's been up for a long time. It's where you have a chance to create your own mutants.

Theme: Create and Draw a 2nd Generation Mutant along with a proper background who was born after the war between Renegades and Kannists is over.

Rules: Post your mutant in whatever pose you wish along with a background that includes the following.

Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Background(500-Word minimum)


1) Mutants are strictly composed of 60 different species based off the chinese zodiac: rat, mouse, kangaroo rat, squirrel, mole, ox, deer, antelope, gazelle, camel, tiger, cheetah, lion, house cat, leapord, rabbit, jackelope, kangaroo, raccoon, hare, fire dragon, ice dragon, thunder dragon, stone dragon, light/shadow dragon, cobra, rattlesnake, sea snake, anaconda, viper, horse, donkey, zebra, rhinoceros, pegasus, bighorn sheep, domestic sheep, pronghorn, llama, goat, eagle, hawk, duck, songbird, rooster, monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, oragutane, baboon, domestic dog, jackal, wolf, bear, fox, pig, razorback, elephant, peccarie, armadillo, and aardvark.
2) Clothes must be relatively sci-fi. There can be some fantasy like elements, but be sure to elaborate on it.
3) Demonstration of power is permitted
4) Age must be within standard human aging, with the exception to dragons, whom age gracefully and slowly
5)No unusual colorings for the fur or hair unless it's like dyed or something or there's a rational reason to it.
6)Powers are psionic related only...and not only that, but electrical/magnetic based. Psoionics in mutant 59 are no different than any other electrical signal passing through your the laws of electricity do apply to it. But get creative with it too. There's lots of possibilities.
6)Background must be compatible with the universe of Mutant 59. It is okay for the background to involve a mutant being formerly human, but the humans would have to come from either the colonies of Mars, Europa, Ganymede, Asteroid Colonies, the Moon, or from this world: LinkIf you are concerned with the background, don't be afraid to send it to me for rechecking.
7)have some limits on psionics. This isn't Akira, where psionics are all powerful. Psionics in this universe have some drawbacks...some of them related to the power itself, others due to personality problems like ADD or something.
8)Include some personality quirks if possible. It'll help make the character a bit fun.

Judging: Your entry is judged by 30% Illustration, 70% Writing. This is more of a writing contest than anything, but the drawing skills helps play some role.

Rewards:The best four entries will be in a composed comic which shows a glimpse into the future of Mutant 59 after the war is over. :D

The Grand Prize winner will receive a special consolation comic commending them for their efforts. Hehehe. >:3

Submit your entries at

GOOD LUCK! Deadline is October 31st, 2008 12:00AM Midnight.

That's all I have to say for now. Laters, and keep it furry, everyone! ^_^

-End of Line

Kannist Computer Log 20.08.08
Subject="The King is Dead...but man am I feeling lucky!"

By the Title, I'm saying that my Boss has moved to another department, and will son be replaced by a new guy who seems all right. He actuall seems more cooperative compared to my other boss, but I'm not sure how respectable he'll be.

Mama Fox stopped by to give me a visit. She gave me my belated birthday gift: a digital camera! It'll be really useful for Oklacon this coming fall. Since she also bought me groceries for the next couple weeks, I had enough money to pay off the remaining 30% to my suit! :D I just need Joecifur to let me know it comes in and I'll have nothing to worry about.

The next month is going to be rough...all my checks will be largely going to rent and food...since, in October, I'm going to miss five days of work, I have to cover myself for October and November's rent to do it.

Lemme Can't say I've anything else to say except as for Mutant 59...I've got a new page going through photoshop right now, just haven't gotten to it.

Also, my forums for Mutant 59 are a bit dead. If anyone can come up with a way to make it a bit more lively, lemme know.

Well, that's all for now. Keep it furreh! :D

-End of Line

Kannist Computer Log 11.08.08
Subject="It's alive again!"

Hey, everyone. How's everyone been doing? I'm terribly sorry for my long, long absence. I've been trying to take care of my priorities, get money in, and trying to do other things to revitalize myself back to what I used to like doing: make comics! :D And now that's exactly what I've been doing for the whole month. I just hope it'll stay that way. For those of you who want to know what I've also been doing, I've made a few games. That's right! I'm made some games! :D All the completed ones are being sponsored on a site called Kitsunegaming, even as we speak! I'll post a link to the site later during the week. They're not exactly the most easiest of games, but those of you who like a good challenge, these games are for you. :3 Btw, I was considering posting an appendix on the site to explain a few of the gimmicks and technology in the Mutant 59 universe. What would you all think of that eh? Drop me a line some. Laters!

-End of Line


Kannist Computer Log 09.16.07=
"w00t! New Blog!"

Ah, it's been forever since I've done one of these. I'm surprised I haven't forgotten how to make any of this work. XP I'm terribly sorry for my long, long, absence. I've been working on higher priorities like paying rent, getting insurance, and...playing pokemon. X3 Ha, ha! It has been glorious!

So, anyway, give a big thanks for Gyp for that wonderful hiatus page. She even got my meowth self to a T. X3 As said on that page, Mutant 59's schedule shall be a little hiatus for now until I can finish up some more chapters. It's been a little hard on me lately, especially when you're moving furniture for like minimum wage. But, worry not! I haven't forgotten about this webcomic! After a few more projects, I assure you it shall be updated! When...I don't know.

And that's it for this journal. Keep it furry, everybody!

-End of Line


Kannist Computer Log 10.19.06=
"I'm going to court? O_o"

Yeah it's a really weird what's going on. I was doing my daily work when my manager told me an officer was looking for me today. At first I thought I was in trouble, and at the same time I didn't believe her...that is, until the cop came in through the doors and offers me a subpoena of all things. By federal law, I'm required to make an appearance before court on October 31st at 1:30 pm as a witness to testify against the guy who hit me. The current situation is the city is pressing charges against the dude for traffic violations and a fine. The dude is pleading not guilty and ,from my understanding, is blaming me for the incident. Now I know that he was using his windshield cleaner fluids on his window at the time and so it was a bit blurry to see me, but come on! It was broad daylight of all things. And what's more is I was walking inside a crosswalk within a non-stoplight intersection. I highly doubt the dude will win this case; in fact, he's risking his own insurance for it. By putting himself in a spot like this, if he loses he may be facing having to pay for my glasses and hospital bills(which I wouldn't mind, btw. Signing insurance forms are a pain in the furry ass. :P) But anyway, yes, I have to make an appearance before court and I have to discuss a plan with my Aunt Becky later this morning. It's a priority I come to this meeting because I can go to prison for being a no-show. Hopefully, this will have no effect on my making comics. :D

In other news, I've completed Chapter Nine and finished the scripting for Chapter Ten. Following Chapter Ten will be a chapter that is, for the first time, a combined effort with a dear friend of mine, Deathscythechan. She's written the script already. I'm going to be editing it, formatting the panel layout, and drawing out and layering all the comics. ;) It's going to be a deep look into the human factions that remain in the Eden System on Mars. That's all I will say for now.

And that's it for this journal. Keep it furry, everybody!

-End of Line

P.S. Like with the last journal, comments are most appreciated. X3


Kannist Computer Log 09.02.06=

Ol' Wrath got run over by a lexus
coming back from dinner at Burger King
You may all think that's he's only faking
but as for all the rest of us we believe...

I could go on a little more about what happened, though I'm a little drowsy from the ibuprofen. Basically, I was on a crosswalk and as I check for traffic, a lexus keeps coming at me and eventually swipes me at my right side. Thank god the crabgrass broke my fall. XD I was strong enough to keep my sense of humor all the way to the ER, where they had me X-rayed on 3 of my four limbs(which were all injured in the hit). Turns out that they're only major contusions, but they're going to hurt like motherfuckers for the next couple of days.

As for the guy who hit me...I haven't seen him since I got hit. I'm not planning to press any charges on him. It was all just an accident and he's very sorry for what he did...or so I've heard. I just hope he pays for a new set of glasses, because they were destroyed as well. O_O And now I have to squint just to see the words on my computer.
Well, that's all I have to say for now. I want you to know that I'm all right and in good enough condition to continue drawing comics.(Or maybe it's just my stubbornness at work.)Keep it furry, everybody!

-End of Line

P.S. Feel free to make any comments you have on my injuries.


Kannist Computer Log 08.28.06=
"Man, what a busy day today..."

And tomorrow's supposed to be even more crazy. Today I got a lot of bills taken care of, including a few medical bills that have been nagging at me for weeks. Finally found a way to pay them and get rid of them forever! Plus I paid my rent, but I found out that they only take checks. They let me off easy this time, but that's the first time I've heard someone tell me my money's no good. XD So now I can start saving up again for next month.

Besides getting my bill paid I checked up on my reserving status. My Starfox Command's going to come out tomorrow, but they'll let me know when it's ready. At least I know that one of them will be mine for sure. :3 While I was there, I bought myself LOTR: The Third Age and made my own reservations on Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. I hope this game is everything people are saying it's going to be. I really want to see what's all the hype about the Legend of Zelda. I'm going back later to get the Legend of Zelda Collector's series which features Ocarina of Time. I better get it soon. That thing's hard to come by.

Finally, my last bits of news is I bought me a copy of 1984 by George Orwell and Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. They're good books, I hear, and friends have told me that it'll help me visualize my idea of some of the lifestyle and culture of the Renegades. At least I know now where that Big Brother thing comes from.

So tomorrow, while I get my game, I'm heading to the Driver's License station to get my state ID. It's utterly ridiculous that I need to have one to get my meds, but whatever. It's only twelve dollars anyway, ya?

Well, I certainly have saved myself a lot of money today. That's all for today. Keep it furry, stay in school, don't do drugs, give me fanmail, fanart and whatever fanstuff you can think of. X3.

-End of Line


Kannist Computer Log 08.26.06=
"Recent updates to my website"

Okay, this is sort of a minor journal entry. Just wanted to say I finished a brand new comic page for somewhere in September and I got some new information written up for the Cast Page. Oh, and for those of you I haven't shown yet, I've got a new fanpic from Gyp located in my Fanart section. Go ahead and check it out. Sure reminds me of my christmas special. Hehe.

In other news, Mutant 59's first anniversary is coming up! :3 I'm gonna start making a pic to celebrate this wonderful event. Trust me, you'll all love it, and it won't stop the comic's normal schedule either.

Well, that's all for now. Laters!

-End of line

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