Fanart Gallery


Ah! Welcome all to my fanart gallery.
Most of the fanart here came from artists on Deviantart
but you can check out their artwork

Keeshanic-FoxThis link is long over due. Forgive me, Keesh, for taking so long. Anyway, this guy is a furry like myself who deserves more attention than what he's getting now. Check his art gallery out sometime. :D
Gyp-Good friend of mine. Hasn't done many deviations, but she's very nice!
Deathscythechan-A very good writer and drawer of robots. Check out her artwork too if you're a fan of machines!
Red Sparrow-A member of cafe manga and an excellent comic book artist!
Imagnee-One of my newest friends. Her stuff is hilarious! Check it out sometime!
McKrazy-Another cool dude. His art is worth taking a peek too. ^_^
Cypher picture

Cypher, or Mutant 61, a character, I haven't introduced yet. Done By Deathscythechan.


Picture of Jonas by Imagnee. Looks odd without his sci fi uniform.


Jonas drawn as a baby, along with some other characters that are copywritten to their artists. Aren't they cute?^_^ Done by Imagnee

Jonas using his powers

Marth, yet another character I won't introduce until later. Drawn by Deathscythechan


Mutant 51, also called Sven, with the ability to control bugs. Drawn by Gyp.


This cute of picture of Loren was done by Red Sparrow to help me draw girls more like...well, girls. Her hair is missing, though. Oh, well.

Loren and Jonas

This is a cool picture by McKrazy. Loren holding two blasters in her paws and Jonas using the astral sword technique, one of eleven abilities he'll learn from the eleven telekinetics.

Loren and Jonas

This pic was a cute depiction of Jonas hitting on Gyp's character, Kappa! Oh, boy is she going to make mince meat out of him. XD Kappa is copywritten to Gyp. No stealing!

Mutant 15

Well, technically, Keeshanic only colored this. I did all the lineart really. Well here you go guys! :3 I hope you all like Sierra colored! :D

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