Welcome all to my link page. Here's where readers can find links to all sorts of other cool places to explore across the web. Feel free to click on any of the following links.

-An awesome story about a lonely immortal werefox who struggles in a world where humans and anthroes constantly fight each other.

-An incredibly cute comic of a kitsune whose trying to figure out the mystery of her past. Kind of like my character, huh? O_o

-This site is rather shabby. A webcomic poking fun at everyday life. It's worth taking a peak at, I think. ^_^

-This guy has a pretty good comic. He posted a link to my website and so I felt the need to return the favor. Check it out sometime. ^_^

+Famicomic*A friend of Idai, a good buddy from both DeviantArt and Arwing Landing, just recently started her own little website. She put me as an affiliate on her website, so I thought I'd do her a favor as well. Go on and check it out.

Arwing LandingThe Starfox forum which I'm most active in. If you love Starfox like I do, then look no further than this baby. This website rocks!

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