Character Files(Popular ones only) :D


Picture of Jonas

Full Name: Jonas O'rion
Species: Mutant
Number: 59
Subspecies: Red Fox
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: Cyan
Code-named Mutant 59 for the number tattoo on his left shoulder. Recovered in a hidden
Cryogenic chamber deep beneath the wastelands of Eden, Jonas has lost all his memory from
his time on his homeworld. After some crazy events, Jonas was thrown into a fighter and
launched into space to fight off an alien race known as the Renegades. Sudden trauma returned
his memories of combat training, and he helped turn the tide quickly in favor of the Kannists.
Flashbacks and information leaked out by the other characters suggests that he had served
the United Earth Federation Space Force(UEFSF) for some time
before being recruited
into the United States Special Ops. His first and very well last mission involved something
known as "Project Ressurection." It has also been suggested that Jonas was renowned by his
' military officers. Revealed to him openly by Captain Asimov, Jonas is now aware of his
telekinetic abilties, though he does not appear to approve of them. During their conversation
together in Loren's quarters, Jonas asked Asimov if there was something about him the captain
was hiding, but Asimov denied anything of the sort. It appears as so Jonas may need to find his
own answers. Jonas is a womanizer, lecher, and part masochist, making his taste for
women often the more hard to get kind.


Picture of Loren

Full Name: Loren Deen
Species: Kannist
Subspecies: Gray Fox
Gender: Female
Blood type: O positive
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair color: Red
Eye Color: Emerald Green
A marine registered onboard The Salvation. On its way back to Orodon, the heart of
the Ten Empires, Loren unexpectedly becomes Jonas's roommate for the rest of the
trip. After a bunch of crazy incidents, Loren soon learns that after handing Jonas
her old boyfriend's pilot jumpsuit, Jonas was thrown into the middle of a skirmish
and feared for her own reputation. Luckily, things turned out for the better and
instead of being decommissioned, she got promoted to a Corporal.
Often quiet, Loren has seen her share of war against the Renegades. Her

CPN-25(AKA Leksa)

Picture of Leksa

Full Name: 25th Cyborg Power Node
Alias: Leksa Nocturne
Species: Kannist Cyborg(Renegades)
Subspecies: Albino Rabbit
Gender: Female
Blood Type: None. She uses space-age peutroleum as a substitute.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 324 lbs.
Hair Color: Fuschia
Eye Color: Red

Currently a commander of a small Renegade fleet orbiting Fenix VI, Sister planet to Orodon.
Ambitious and cruel, Leksa commands her men with an iron fist. Those that fall out of line
see first hand the power of her blinding speed, razor sharp blades, and her terrifying strength.
She hates taking orders from higher ranking officers and will normally enter battles in her own little
style, including actions like evening out the odds. Upon her defeat in the skirmish between the
Salvation, she officially declared to personally hunt down Jonas O'Rion.


Picture of Kari

Full Name: Unknown
Species: Mutant
Number: 4
Subspecies: Albino Rabbit
Gender: Female>br> Blood Type: A
Height: 3'1"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Hair Color: Hazel
Eye Color: Red

Code-named Mutant 4, Kari is a young rabbit girl who appears to know more than what some
of the other mutants know. Perhaps it is possible that her memories were unaffected by the
freezing. Her power is known to be clairvoyance, the ability to see things that are happening
in the present from many miles away.Also, along with this kept knowledge, Kari has an interest
\ in Jonas for some reason, and and cares for the welfare of the other mutants.


Picture of Sven

Full Name: Sven Bosconovich
Species: Mutant
Number: 51
Subspecies: Snow Leapord
Gender: Male Blood Type: O positive
Height: 6'3"
Weight:236 lbs.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Jungle Green

Code-named Mutant 51, nothing much is known about Sven as of yet, except that Kari is
generous enough to share with him some of the knowledge on Jonas. Ironically, Sven has already
marked him as an idiot.

Mutant Zero

Picture of Mutant Zero

Full Name: Unknown
Alias: Master of Machines
Species: Mutant
Number: Zero(Issued by Joint Staff)
Subspecies: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Same as his metallic skin, a dark grayish raspberry.
Eye Color: None. Not even the white parts. Just an empty black.

Known as the leader of the Renegades, it has been confirmed by the datapad that he had
created the 60 mutants, and that responisbility for mankind's "extinction" belongs to him. He was aware of the secret mission led by the
Kannists to Eden while watching them on his orbiting fortress on Titan, Saturn's Moon. Upon
Tracking their movements, he anticipated a confrontation and ordered Leksa's fleet to attack
and disable the Salvation but not to destroy it. When things were about to get out of hand, he
attempted to issue a warning to Leksa but she cut him out by his communicator. Using his psychomechanic powers, however,
he was able to subdue Leksa back under his control and forced her to withdraw.
What confuses the Joint Staff about the entire affair is how Mutant Zero was the first mutant to be born
and yet he also led the "Project Ressurection" that made the mutants who they are today. To resolve the contradiction,
they've concluded that after months of failures, Mutant Zero was the first successful mutant they could produce, which
led to a steady production of further mutants; nonetheless, Mutant Zero's origins and history remains a true mystery.


pic of Tilchi Kings

Full Name: Tilchi Kings
Species: Kannist
Subspecies: Lioness
Gender: Female
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 310 lbs
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Yellow

Ranked a lieutenant general in the Kannist Imperial Army, Ropez is one of the Kannist's
finest tactical strategists. Only recently have her persistent attempts at forcing the Renegades
off her homelands started showing results. A recent discovery had shown that a few weeks after
Asimov had begun the secret mission, Renegade violence had suddenly dropped dramatically. For
reasons shrouded in mystery, when a team of the military's finest martial law enforcers was set to
arrive on a space base in orbit over Orodon, Ropez let the army representative go on leave and took
her place. She has full knowledge of all the modern regulations and protocols of military law and order
but it is not enough to earn the trust of some of the officers. Ropez herself is a character shrouded in
mystery. Though she acts unhaughty, she has a sort of air around her that shows a sort of great wisdom,
knowledge and understanding of the worlds and the universe itself. Records show she is only 21, but rumors
suggest she may be many centuries older than what she pretends to be. People who've looked into her eyes have seen how her possible true age betrays her.


Full Name: Shelzan McDuff
Species: Kannist
Subspecies: White-tailed deer
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Hazel

One of the Officers aboard the Salvation when Captain Asimov began the secret mission. Shelzan
has defended the Mutants time and again, first when they had been recovered and revitalized, and once
more on their behalf when the other officers came to realize to potency of the Mutants' powers. At the
point of the discussing plans for recruitment, Shelzan volunteered as one of the officers. Shelzan has
had lessons in computer programming and is a potent hacker. Kindhearted and Docile at nature, Shelzan
is one who does not make many grudges and gets along easily with others. But perhaps she is too nice
for her own good...


pic of Etienne Le Targe

Full Name: Etienne Le Targe
Species: Kannist
Subspecies: Gray Fox
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Ranked Vice Admiral in the Imperial Space Force, Etienne is one of their leading investigators in
Military Martial Law and Order. He has been recently sent as a representative for the Space Force
to put Captain Asimov under arrest and interrogation before being sent to a fair trial. An idealist and a dreamer, Etienne's nose is often found stuck in a book, though he is also considered intelligent
and more down to earth by some peers.


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