Mutant 59 Appendix

This is a bit of a gimmick page, but I'm hoping this'll be fun in the long run. :3 This'll explain technology, characters, and other stuff I've posted on DA as I go. :D I hope you will all enjoy it as I will.


Orodon Painter -Space Fighter A

Tetsame -Rikard Aidan -Standard House -Shuttle -Tetsame Fairy Crown -Tetsame Flowers -Forest

Mya-Kin -Special Space Suit

Drek-Ajikk -Battle Cruiser -Reynold Baxter -Cruiser -Dreadnaught -Destroyer -Rainforest and Life -RC Labor Drone -Industry Peon Uniform

Knowall -Snow Fly -Half-Track -Icebolt

-Aquarius III
-Surface Lab, -Sea Lab, -Ecosystem, -The Poseidon, -Diver Suit -Rainbow Jellyfish

Human Worlds -Attack Drone -Adley -Kari -Dante -Lesser Elementals -Amoeba -Mutants 27 and 39 -Geoffery


-Legionaire -Tabitha -Defense Turret -Goldfish -Battle Mech -Royal Transport -Stealth Craft -Berle -Gallium -AA Gun -Transport -Epsilon -Centurion Avice Blanche


-Kannist Grunt -Kannist Marine -Cleaning Drone -The Energikes -Gyp Oriens -Joint Staff Uniforms -Mother Gaea

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