Orodon, Part One: Rise of the Second Age

Due to the division of the Ten Empires, the unified histories of our people is very long and complex. I will begin with the history of Orodon, my homeworld.
Orodon was in a state of chaos. Of the Ten Empires, there were only three on Orodon, World of Seasons, before and after the Final Great War. However, While a majority of the Wolf Empire remained intact yet torn asunder by a terrible war, those areas ruled by the Tiger and Horse Empire were merely extensions, separated from their Emperors' and Emporesses' lands by tens of parsecs; therefore, they lacked the proper ruling classes to keep the provinces of squabbling kings and chieftains unified. To make matters worse, the High Emperor Fang, once deemed leader over the other nine, was dying and had no heir to take his place.
At his deathbed, he summoned those remnants of the Council's subjects whom he most trusted: Herrus, King of the Tiger Province Scilliana; Fire Stone, the Horse Chieftain of the Carver Tribe, and Lieutenant Wormwood of the 42nd Arsonel Battallion. With a wavering hand, he wailed at the decimation of our people. The ancestors of the five clans of the Wolf Race were suffering from a plague that consumed the old and wise but left the youth to live on. In a matter of months, the Wolf Empire would collapse into Anarchy, for what did children and farmers and young soldiers know about government?
So as his final wishes, he passed the title of High Emperor to Ferrus, and he would take care of the Wolf Empire to see them prosper as they had before. As for Firestone and Wormwood, they became the lesser Emperors of their people, to follow the commands of Herrus but allowed to manage their own affairs. And by the end of the Twenty-First century since our ancestors fled Eden, the High Emperor died.
His death marked the dawning of a new era, where the leaders of the newly formed Trinity Empire would work together, harvesting what technology and resources they could, to rebuild Orodon into a new and beuatiful modern world. The Second Age had begun on Ordon.

~as written by Professor Sarius Centauri of the Rat Clan, Historian of the Bearclaw University

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