Section one: Division of the Ten Empires

Due to the aftermath of the War of Atomics, much of the knowledge gathered during the First and Second Age has been lost. With what little resources I can gather, I shall be as informative as possible.
A long time ago, the Ten Empires was still very much the same as today. The council of Emperors spread their territory across several planets, all linked by a sophisticated yet primitive form of portal travel. Somewhere in the late twenty first century, however,(about 2095 AD), the links to it were somehow severed by a catastrophic event our ancestors lived through to pass on. No one was able to contact anyone on distant worlds. Entire families, friends, relatives were separated forever from this catastophe...and none would ever live to see them again, save by death.
Even more importantly were the changes of our form. According to a old scribe in the latter days of the Second Age, comparison to the human genome, our long extinct ancestors, had dropped from 95% to nearly 75%. Our bodies were forever altered, becoming a perfect blend of various animal and human features. Thank Gaea that the mutations were mostly physical and no deterioration of the minds occurred.
With their worlds separated, the Kannists would drift into states of confusion and develop new forms of culture, slowly drifting away from the dignified society that had once been the glorious Ten Empires.

~as written by Professor Sarius Centauri of the Rat Clan, Historian of the Bearclaw University

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